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NCRAD Biospecimen Review Committee

Samples are made available to investigators upon approval by the NCRAD Biospecimen Review Committee (BRC). Six times a year, the NCRAD BRC reviews requests for multiple studies banked at NCRAD. The NCRAD BRC consists of statisticians, biomarker experts, and clinicians who have the expertise to review requests for a broad range of samples and experimental approaches.

Committee Chair

Deborah L. Blacker

Deborah L. Blacker, MD, ScD

Harvard University/Harvard Medical School

Committee Members

Steve Edland

Steve Edland, PhD

University of California, San Diego
Doug Galasko

Doug Galasko, MD

University of California, San Diego
Danielle Harvey

Danielle Harvey, PhD

University of California, Davis
Nicholas M. Kanaan

Nicholas M. Kanaan, PhD

Michigan State University
Suzanne Schindler

Suzanne Schindler, MD, PhD

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis