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Explore a Multitude of Research Samples at NCRAD

At NCRAD, we take pride in offering a wide range of biospecimens—over 370,000 samples from over 118,000 participants—that can help answer your most pressing research questions. We also employ rigorous quality control measures to maintain the highest standards.

To ensure that researchers have access to the most accurate information, NCRAD continually updates its database with new information. Therefore, we encourage you to request an updated set of variables prior to publication and implementation of analysis involving samples acquired from the repository. Although NCRAD makes every effort to verify all data and information, it cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the distributed data.

Find Samples for Your Research

Researchers can request to access NCRAD's diverse repository of samples, including 12 sample types from 17 cohorts.

Approved researchers can query the online biospecimen catalogs to explore the range of biospecimens at NCRAD.

Available Samples


Population: CBD, PSP, o/vPSP, or healthy controls

Genomic DNARNAPlasmaSerumPBMCCSF

Population: People aged 90 years and older

Genomic DNA

Population: AD Cases, Controls, MCI

Genomic DNACell line DNARNAPlasmaLCLs
AA Genetics

Population: AD Cases, Controls

Cell line DNALCLs

Population: Adults with Down Syndrome and Healthy Controls

Genomic DNAPlasmaSerum

Population: AD and other dementia cases, Controls, MCI

Genomic DNACell line DNARNAPlasmaSerumPBMCCSF
ARTFL LEFFTDS Longitudinal Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration ALLFTD

Population: ARTFL: FTLD syndrome cases and healthy family members. LEFFTDS: FTLD family study with known genetic mutations (symptomatic and asymptomatic family members)

Genomic DNARNAPlasmaSerumPBMCCSF

Population: Medicare beneficiaries age 65 and older with measurable cognitive deficits

Genomic DNA
API Generation Program

Population: Individuals who carry one of two copies of the high-risk gene apolipoproten E e4 (APOE4)

Genomic DNAPlasmaSerumCSF

Population: Early Onset AD Families with known mutations

Cell line DNALCLs

Population: Dementia prevention

Genomic DNAPlasmaSerum

Population: AD, FTD, Controls

Genomic DNACell line DNALCLs
The Gift of Life Collection

Population: Individuals with neurodegenerative disease enrolled in the Gift to Life Outpatient Autopsy Planning Program

Fixed Brain Tissue

Population: Elderly African Americans from Indianapolis, Yoruba living in Ibadan

Genomic DNACell line DNAPlasmaLCLs
iPSC Initiative

Population: ADRD and controls

NCRAD Family

Population: AD and other dementia families

Genomic DNACell line DNALCLsPBMCFixed Brain TissueFrozen Brain Tissue

Population: Late Onset AD Families, Controls

Genomic DNACell line DNAPlasmaLCLsPBMC

Getting Started

Accessing samples from NCRAD is a straightforward process. Step-by-step guidance is available to assist you through the process. Ready to begin?

View sample application process