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AA Genetics

The African American Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics study (AA AD Genetics) is a multi-center, cross-sectional study that was established to examine genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease among African Americans. The focus of the study was to provide a carefully refined phenotype, including neuropsychological test performance, cardiovascular health, and brain imaging data, for genetic association studies of AD among African Americans.

Study Participants

The goal of the AA Genetics study was to recruit a total of 2,000 African Americans age 60 or older. Sites recruited both cases and controls, primarily from community sources and not memory clinics.

Available Data

The database includes item-level data from medical, functional, and neuropsychological evaluations, as well as diagnostic information. There is a subset of participants with structural MRI data. A fixed minimal dataset is available through the NCRAD catalog. An additional full dataset can be requested from Columbia University.

Available Biospecimens

Cell Line DNA, Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines (LCLs)