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The Alzheimer’s Biomarker Consortium – Down Syndrome (ABC-DS) is a joint study conducted by two groups of research collaborators – Neurodegeneration in Aging Down Syndrome (NiAD) and Alzheimer’s Disease in Down Syndrome (ADDS). This initiative aims to identify biomarkers that indicate Alzheimer's disease is developing or progressing and track the Alzheimer's disease process in people with Down syndrome.

Study Participants

The NiAD sites will recruit 180 adults with DS (10% with dementia) and 40 sibling controls, age 25 years and older. The ADDS sites will recruit 200-225 adults with DS, age 40 years and older.

Available Data

The comprehensive database for ADDS and NiAD includes item-level data from medical, functional, and neuropsychological evaluations, neuroimaging data, as well as diagnostic information. Datasets may be requested through the ABC-DS committee; use must conform to the ABC-DS Data Access and Publication Policy. The complete data set is available on LONI:

Available Biospecimens

Genomic DNA, Plasma, and Serum are available from NCRAD from both cohorts.