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The Amyloid Neuroimaging and Genetics Initiative (ANGI) is an add-on study for people who had participated in the Imaging Dementia‚ÄĒEvidence For Amyloid Scanning (iDEAS) Study. The goal of the ANGI study is to pair the clinical information and brain imaging data collected in the iDEAS-Study, or other related studies, with DNA obtained from a saliva sample. ANGI participants provide a saliva sample, in which DNA is extracted and stored for future research use.

Study Participants

ANGI is an add-on study for people who had participated in the iDEAS-Study. For the iDEAS-Study, Medicare beneficiaries, age 65 or older were enrolled over 24 months at approximately 200 sites throughout the US. Eligibility criteria for iDEAS-Study also included patients with diagnostic uncertainty after a comprehensive clinical evaluation by a dementia expert, including laboratory tests and structural brain imaging (CT or MRI). Over 1,900 iDEAS-Study participants enrolled in ANGI and provided a saliva sample.

Available Data

Slightly over 1,900 participants from the iDEAS-Study enrolled in the ANGI study. The catalog for the iDEAS-ANGI Study consists of sociodemographic data, clinical and cognitive evaluations, pre and post PET scan clinical assessments and differential diagnoses, and scan results. Additionally, the full dataset can be requested by contacting Brown University at

Available Biospecimens

Genomic DNA from saliva samples are available for request from NCRAD.