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Established in 1991 as a longitudinal, prospective, population-based, comparative epidemiological study of the prevalence, incidence rates, and risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and other age associated dementias.

Study Participants

The project enrolled community-dwelling, elderly (age >65 years) African Americans living in Indianapolis and Yoruba living in Ibadan, Nigeria, employing the same research design, methods, and investigators.

Available Data

The funding for this study ended in 2012. During the course of the study, over 8000 (n=8528) elderly African American and Yoruba participants were evaluated over a 20 year period. A fixed minimal dataset is available through the NCRAD catalog. An additional dataset can be requested through the Indianapolis Ibadan Executive Committee.

Available Biospecimens

Genomic DNA, Cell Line DNA, Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines, Plasma, LCLs