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The iPSC Initiative Study receives, processes, and distributes iPSCs and fibroblasts. Given the dramatic increase in utilization of iPSCs in AD research, it is a goal of the iPSC Initiative to provide a service of receiving iPSCs and fibroblasts to provide central expansion and characterization of lines and prepare for distribution to relevant researchers.

Study Participants

The lines represent a wide range of disease causing mutations, genetic risk factors, as well as sporadic AD, healthy controls and MCI.

Available Data

For subjects that are enrolled in an ADRC, the National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center maintains a cumulative database including clinical evaluations, neuropathology data when available, and MRI imaging. The NACC database comprises several standardized clinical and neuropathology data sets, all of which are freely available to the research community. For subjects that are not enrolled in an ADRC, all available data is provided in the catalog.

Available Biospecimens

iPSCs and fibroblasts are available for request from NCRAD. Please review the iPSC Catalog and apply for iPSCs via the online application. The online application is internally reviewed by the Stem Cell Team on a rolling basis. All fibroblast applications undergo a formal review by the NCRAD Biospecimens Review Committee. Please apply for fibroblasts by following the procedures for requesting NCRAD samples.

Investigator Resources