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Unlocking Scientific Potential: Requesting NCRAD Samples

Dive into NCRAD’s extensive collection of biospecimens and explore how we can be your research ally. Your journey begins with a straightforward four-step process: select, apply, review, and access. Our dedicated Biospecimen Review Committee offers periodic reviews, while we provide grant support letters to fortify your research endeavors.

Requesting Samples: Step by Step

When you're ready to access the valuable samples NCRAD has to offer, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Select the Samples You Need

Register and browse catalog (if available): Begin by registering on our platform and exploring our catalog of available biospecimens. Here, you can browse, filter, and download the samples that align with your research objectives.

Please note the availability of samples listed in catalogs is not guaranteed. Sample availability will be confirmed by a NCRAD coordinator after samples have been selected. Coordinators can assist with identifying suitable alternate samples or sample resources as needed.

Browse available samples

There is no maximum or minimum of samples that a researcher can request. Any request must justify the number of samples being requested.

Reach out to NCRAD (if catalog not available): In cases where the catalog is not accessible, feel free to reach out to us at with project details, including the specimen types and volumes you need. Please contact the NCRAD BRC as early in the process as possible to determine availability of your samples of interest. We'll work with you to identify and procure the specific samples you need.

Official Letters for Grant Support

NCRAD can provide two types of letters for your grant:

  • If you complete an application and your request is approved by the NCRAD BRC, you can receive an official letter that indicates you have been approved for specimens. The approval is valid for 12 months.
  • Complete the NCRAD BRC application form
  • If you do not complete an application and/or your request is not approved, NCRAD can provide a letter indicating the types of samples that we bank. The letter will also state that before any samples can be distributed to you, your application must be approved by the NCRAD BRC.