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Study Coordination made easy

At NCRAD, our commitment is to provide a comprehensive suite of services to empower researchers who coordinate active studies that send samples to our repository. Our goal is to simplify the sample banking process, elevate data quality, and support your research endeavors.

Whether you are embarking on a new study or have been with us for years, NCRAD's services are designed to enhance your research and contribute to the advancement of Alzheimer's disease and related dementia studies.

Supporting Researchers Every Step of the Way

Budget Quote and Grant Support

NCRAD can provide budget quotes or write letters of support for grant applications. Learn more about this on our “Bank Samples” page.

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Customized Manuals of Procedure (MOPS)

Collaborate with us to create detailed MOPs customized for your study, ensuring a standardized and rigorous approach.

Online Catalogs

We maintain online catalogs for your samples, making it convenient for researchers to browse and locate specific samples needed for their studies.

Access catalogs to browse samples

Data Reconciliation

NCRAD performs routine data reconciliation, identifying missing, incorrectly collected, or shipped, damaged, or unlabeled samples. This meticulous process ensures data quality.

Sample Collection Kits

Simplify the process with our online kit request module. Easily request sample collection kits that include preprinted labels, reducing errors during labeling.

Sample Processing and Secure Storage

Upon arrival at NCRAD, your samples receive meticulous processing and secure storage in our state-of-the-art facilities, preserving sample integrity.

Training Videos

Our training videos offer step-by-step guidance for sample collection and shipping processes to ensure consistency in sample handling.

On-site Training

NCRAD can train your coordinators on site. We ensure your team is well-equipped and trained to follow established protocols.

Navigating Your Study Page

Are you a new coordinator? Welcome aboard! Here is a step-by-step guide to navigating the individual study page. Explore the elements of a study page below.

Study Page Overview
  1. Intro Section: Your study will be named after the title you provide, and our team is happy to assist you at any time.

  2. Side Navigation: Explore the breadth of studies linked to NCRAD biospecimens.

  3. Specimen Collection Table Section: An overview of what samples to collect and when to collect them for your study. Please refer to the study specific MOPs for detailed instructions.

  4. Study Resources: Access essential links, including the kit request system, sample notification forms, MOPs, video tutorials, training slides, additional instructions for samples or shipping.

  5. Quick Links: Easily access other sample services at NCRAD.

Ready to Bank with NCRAD?

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