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ALLFTD Study Page

Welcome ALLFTD Study staff, coordinators, and PI’s.

This section encompasses study specific tools and videos for your reference. If you have any questions, comments, or new ideas please contact NCRAD by email or 1-800-526-2839 or directly at 317-278-8413.

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Collection cycle for specimen types
*Optional for all participants
Specimen TypeRave Cycle (ALL)
DNA (Buffy Coat)
*Optional for all participants

Study Resources

Kit Request Module

Access the ALLFTD Kit Request Module. This link will direct you to a REDCap database where study coordinators and staff may request kits, individual supplies, and/or labels.

Please allow a total of three weeks for kit requests to be compiled and delivered to your site.

biological sample notification forms

Please use the below downloadable form to collect information on specimen patient demographics, collection, and processing. We respectfully ask that all completed forms be emailed prior to shipment. We also ask that all shipments include a hard copy of each sample form.

manual of procedures

The downloadable manual for biofluids was created specifically for the ALLFTD Study. Please feel free to explore the manual through the linked ‘Table of Contents.’ Questions concerning any part of the manual may be directed at NCRAD, 1-800-526-2839 or directly at 317-278-8413 for further clarification.

Study related video tutorials

Take the guesswork out of it. Watch our video tutorials to learn all of the ins and outs of the process.

Training slides

Please see the link below for the training slides for the ALLFTD study.

UPS shipping

Learn more about the shipping process through the links below.

Additional Resources

Sample Services at NCRAD

Looking for a biorepository to bank your samples? Check out NCRAD for sample banking. We can bank samples for new studies, ongoing studies, and closed studies.

Bank samples at NCRAD